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Manufacturing Checklists to augment Process Compliance through Remote Monitoring

Use our pre-defined checklists to fit the requirements of your manufacturing operations

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Safety gear is essential in environments where there is a risk of fatal accidents and injuries. Wearing safety gear is critical to workers being able to work productively and safely even in hazardous environments.

With the help of an accident safety checklist, you could be notified of any workplace threat, injury, and accidents in real-time. It equips you to get immediate first-aid and medical response for your workers if need be.

Tasks in the Manufacturing industry involve flammable liquids, hot work, and combustible dust that can cause fire hazards. Fire extinguisher compliance ensures presence of fire extinguishers at designated places that makes them easy to access during emergencies.

How can we help you? integrates with your camera feed to provide real-time insights on workforce safety, security, and productivity

Improved Efficiency in Operations enables customer insights that allow you to focus on optimal solutions and streamline operations. It helps in cutting costs, predicts trends and patterns.

Live Incident Alerts

Through Wobot’s round-the-clock remote monitoring, you get real-time alerts and notifications to enhance risk mitigation and loss prevention. Our 360-degree tracking and mobile compatibility accounts for error-free track and trace that lets you be on top of the operations at all times.

Improve Production Practices

Deploying a video monitoring system allows you to perform root cause analysis and track employee’s productivity efficiently and accurately. is not only time-efficient but also improves overall manufacturing yield through motion detection.