Transforming Camera System Feeds into Business Insights

Video Intelligence for Enhanced Operations and Revenue Growth Across Industries

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Trusted by businesses worldwide to enhance productivity, safety, and operational efficiency


How Wobot AI Works?

Plug-and-Play onboarding via your existing camera infrastructure with AI models under the hood


Effortless Integration

Easily integrate with your existing camera setup, allowing for a seamless and cost-effective upgrade


Intelligent Automation

Enhance your information workflows by transforming raw video data into actionable business insights using AI-powered analytics on your camera feeds


Robust Reporting

Stay updated on key metrics impacting your operations with instant alerts and notifications, enabling quick response time to mitigate potential damage


Scalable Platform

Designed to adapt to businesses of all sizes and industries, allowing for easy customization and scalability to meet your specific needs


User-friendly Interface

The intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface simplifies camera and task management, making it accessible for all employees, without the need for extensive training


Any industry, one Wobot

We add brains (Computer Vision) to your camera systems, making them smart enough to track processes, actions, and objects on their own, and sharing real-time insights that help your business grow

Food Service (QSR)

Enhance service speed, and hygiene to keep customers satisfied and coming back


Deliver quick and improve overall efficiency for a seamless DriveThru experience


Boost the measures around EHS (employee health and safety) and Lower your incident rates

Food Processing

Optimize processing and packaging operations while maintaining high food safety and hygiene standards


Elevate guest experiences and streamline staff workflows using data-driven insights for better service


Improve store layouts, speed of service, and customer engagement to drive sales and prevent losses

Plus More

Why Wobot AI?

Speed of Service

Delight your customers with a quick service using real-time insights. Station additional staff to bust queues and reduce wait times or open a new DriveThru lane - and much more!

Preventive safety and hygiene

Be on top of your safety and hygiene game. Ensure use of mandatory hairnets, hardhats or gloves, restriction in movement or any other compliances and SOPs.

Customer Engagement

Track footfalls in stores, ensure staff is consistently available and posted correctly during peak times and that ultimately no customer is left unattended - all in Real-time

Loss prevention

Map your camera feeds with your POS data to enable cataloging of your orders based on relevant keywords


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Video Intelligence for OEMs, VMS Providers, and System Integrators

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Improve operational decision making with video intelligence

Enable your workforce to take smarter decisions with video intelligence

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Wobot analyzes camera feeds and generates actionable insights for various businesses across industries

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