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Computer Vision solutions to help monitor your business operations

Security Camera At Wobot, we all come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in Surveillance - analysis of tons of data in the form of videos. All big enterprises use CCTV surveillance to track their business operations. This requires manual monitoring which is inaccurate and time consuming. Its because of this shortcoming that CCTVs are often reduced to a mere tool for post-mortem analysis.

Wobot Intelligence helps businesses make sense of this data by implementing a layer of Artificial Intelligence which makes the system capable of doing surveillance on behalf of the human eye. Our machine learning algorithms can detect any deviations in standard operating procedures (SOPs) and automatically list them and make them track able for all relevant stakeholders in the organisation.


Our video and image recognition models can be custom developed as per your needs; we help bring intelligence to your surveillance and reduce the need for manual monitoring.

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  • Shifting from paper Audits & Inspections to Wobot has reduced turnaround time for action and in turn helped increase customer satisfaction

    Rajat Aggarwal
    (COO - Barista)

  • Shifting to Wobot has helped us manage our trains and base kitchen more efficiently.

    Rajni Hasija
    (New Projects & IT Initiate Head -IRCTC)

  • We have been using Wobot’s AI-based hygiene monitoring suite for some time now. It has improved the accuracy and turnaround time of our day-to-day operations by giving us real-time notifications in case of any missed compliance activities.

    Mukhtar Ansari
    (Associate VP-IT - Rebel Foods)

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    The Covid-19 pandemic is a calamity of unmatched and unimaginable scale in recent time,compelling all of humanity to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances and challenges.

    As we transition from different levels of lockdown from quarantine to rife social distancing, this calls for a more innovative ...

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    Published On: May 8, 2020

    Top Benefits of the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

    The single most important hygiene recommendation that has been reiterated by health experts across the world over the last couple of Covid-19 ridden months has been: Wash your hands!

    Handwashing often is the single most important measure to reduce the risks of transmitting ...

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    Published On: April 03, 2019

    The Rise of Activity Recognition

    In these times of intense competition, each business; however large or small, requires pro-active security to stay safe from external as well as internal threats. The traditional mode of security in the form of video surveillance is now reinforced with artificial intelligence to thwart any untoward incident rather than merely recording it. Activity recognition plays a vital part in decoding raw CCTV surveillance data ...

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