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Just like our eyes see the world but it's actually our brains that interpret what's truly going on, we add Brains(Computer Vision) to your camera systems. This makes them smart enough to track processes, actions, objects on their own, and generate powerful insights in real-time. Insights that help your business in:

Preventive Safety and Hygiene

Be it hairnets, PPE, gloves or hardhats. Comply with every SOP, best practice or government mandate.

Employee Productivity

Be it staffing your commercial kitchen stations, incentivizing the employees, or throttling online orders. gives you triggers, to beat rush hours and keep the kitchen calm.

Loss Prevention

Seamless connection to your POS and security camera system allows you to search by a keyword, food item, order type, timestamp or any custom variable.

Speed of Service

Speed of service is a critical aspect of customer experience. Station staff to line-bust, open a new lane, open a new server, tells you when.

Here's how Wobot works

Plug-and-Play onboarding all while leveraging your pre-existing CCTV/IP infrastructure with deep learning computer vision models under the hood

No additional hardware
Scale as you go

Setup Cameras Effortlessly

In seconds, add any number of IP cameras to bring together video footage of all cameras from all locations. All in one place. All scaling with you.


One Dashboard

Easy to use dashboard – search through footage, set up automation, or collaborate with your team.


Get Instant Insights

Choose from over 250 insights that can derive and deliver real-time for you to take smarter faster decisions.

Any Industry, One Wobot

Whether you’re in manufacturing, hospitality, or food service, find your industry instantly and browse from over hundreds of pre-defined checklists to stay at the top of best industry practices.

Food Processing
Food Service
Drive Thru (QSR)
Car Wash
And More

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Use Video Intelligence to detect bottlenecks. Gain insights in real time to resolve them effortlessly


Live Viewing

Access Live streams of your cameras anytime, anywhere

Training Tool

Simple and accelerated video data collection and documentation for training- both for humans and AI


Robust business intelligence platform to generate reports and instantly compare location performance


Choose from existing templates of checklists or build your own from our 250+ insights

Event Based Search

View only relevant videos to spend less time searching and make faster decisions

Tickets/Incident Management

Collaborate while securely sharing videos with whoever needs to see them. Create an audit trail all while setting responsibility

Camera feeds on the go view anytime, anywhere

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  • Live view anytime, anywhere

  • View and manage the tickets

  • View and tag the tasks

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A whole world of Integrations

Our platform integrates with a wide array of POS, security camera systems, or alert systems. If you don’t see your preferred logo, we would be happy to add it to the ever-growing list

POS Integration

Why Our Partners Rely on Us

We’ve helped multiple businesses improve their ROI, deal with daily operations, and understand customers better with easy-to-use software built for your CCTVs to attain invaluable insights

Personal support from real people

When you need help, you connect directly with your dedicated account manager. No bots. Real support, from real people, 100% of the time.

You suggest, we implement

Something missing that would help you and others? We welcome feedback and are always looking for ways to improve. Join other users in helping make better.

Your security is our concern

Data security is a job function at and not just another feature. From AI-powered vulnerability assessment reports to being SOC1 compliant. We take every necessary step to protect your and our business.

Stay calm, your privacy is our priority

We analyze processes, not people. You can choose blur number plates and faces even while live viewing. Ensure compliance with laws like GDPR.

You’re in good company

Learn how organizations around the world are implementing our solutions to build a more effective compliance system and change the way they monitor their operations.

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Wobot analyses camera feeds for compliance with regulatory and other SOPs for your business

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