Know What’s Best for Your Industry with Checklists

Run checklists for your cameras across multiple locations and synchronize with the latest industry practices and trends.

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Use AI To Optimize Best Practices

All checklists comprise of tasks that are either AI or HI. Choose your industry, run a desired checklist, and setup AI-powered tasks for your cameras to optimize your operations.

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Learn About Your Industry

Checklists are a source of invaluable information that covers everything from processes, dos and don’ts, technical specificities, and beyond. Learn and implement what works best for your business.

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Assign Tasks to Your Cameras

Select the tasks you want to monitor at any location for your cameras. For a HI-based task, you can assign it to your team or us. We’ve got your back.

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Schedule Your Tasks

Once the tasks are assigned, schedule it for the preferred number of times in a week, setup the daily time slot, across multiple cameras and DVRs. Stay ahead of time!

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Choose What You Wish to See

Align your cameras with what you intend to watch. Whether it is your billing machine, a specific area in the restaurant kitchen, or the entrance gate – draw detection areas for better detailing.

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Assign Tasks to Your Team

Distribute work among your team mates to enhance productivity. Assign tasks to your team members by entering their emails, and view tasks together.

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