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Top Video Analytics Trends in 2023

Written by Team Wobot

Top Video Analytics Trends in 2023


When it comes to surveillance, nothing can be kept on hold in terms of precise monitoring.

A smart way to do this is visual intelligence enabled smart vision. AI Video Analytics is certainly providing assistance to organizations in terms of security, efficiency in retails, CV enabled technology, added layer to NVRs and DVRs as well as other areas.

Video intelligence is the new emerging aspect of AI as it brings in an element of wit and conscious outlook to an otherwise simple device. The two most prominent sections where visual analytics can be deeply affected by artificial intelligence are:-

Accelerated search experience and Concentrated attention to what is going on.

Accelerated Search Experience

Search Experience.png

With AI, video analytics will get highly stimulated to produce faster results in reduced time.

Video analytics gives privileges like live detection of visual input, analysing what is going on in the frame range, and notifying the user of incidents to immediately spot all sorts of oddness such as potent dangers, which provides you with a faster search and credible experience of being assured that video analytics is being done intelligently.

When a security operator is endowed with tangible descriptions of an individual in a particular event, this technology empowers them to start a search by proper detections.

Concentrated Attention to Incidents

Use Case.png

Video intelligence is poignant as it helps to give regular monitoring unlike interrupted human attention spans. Imagine how complicated it is for a human mind to contemplate all the visual inputs.

Naturally, they do not actually pay attention to everything since most of that given information is not significant either.

What they do is, make a priority checklist as to what is and what is not crucial, most often than not focusing only on information or stances that are quirky or unusual.

The novel and advanced video intelligence save any kind of shortcoming like this at the nick of the time by providing a magnificent level of output by focusing attention to inputs and a deeper understanding of what actually is happening.

An Elevated ROI

Elevated ROI.png

Businesses have seen to benefit from video analytics to a large extent. Their return on investment has definitely gone higher as they can easily monitor with lesser malfunctioning and better quality of surveillance.

This motivates us to go towards the current trends of Video Analytics right away :-

Global Connectivity

The technological features imbibed in the system of non-tangible connectivity have turned out to be non-visible and ranges from you and I using our mobiles to security employees who are responsible to monitor video surveillance.

Thus, whether the processing occurs on a nearby server or a remote data centre, everything gets ‘connected’ worldwide.

Checking for Real-time Data

Real Time Insight.png

This uses a method where each and every frame of footage is analysed one after another. It is so, because no frame will be missed and a more reliable output can be generated soon.

We know that authentication of a video recorded by a surveillance device is a tedious thing. Incidents of photo and video recording modifications are increasing and it provokes suspicion on their validity.

There is an increased demand for intelligent video surveillance to include a characteristic that enables them with a digital signature, addition to video footage while it is being recorded, such that credibility and authenticity do not get compromised.

Video Analytics Solves Complexity

We see here that Artificial Intelligence paves the way – It establishes a foothold in the surveillance industry.

This intelligence, with its two most important components, machine learning and deep learning, is already thriving inventions by improving data and business outlook.

Being the creatures of rigorous intellect, we have made immense growth in diversifying metadata, improving accuracy, and increasing granularity, which will allow video analytics surveillance systems to provide improved security and operational efficiency.


Not to miss that Artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced into human civilization in a myriad of ways. Almost each and every industrial area has adopted technological advancements, making our lives easier than ever.

“Technology evolves faster than natural evolution today and it poses more chances towards a better world; especially for humans.”

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