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Video Analytics: What Does it Mean and How Does it Actually Work?

Over the past few years, video analytics has gained interest from various industries and businesses worldwide. Video analytics, also known as video content analytics, helps automate tasks that were previously entirely dependent on humans. As a result, it leaves a lot of room for businesses to employ their workforce in other crucial jobs, which helps improve productivity and the overall operations of a business. Along with this, video analytics can also support organizations in keeping track of their hygiene, safety, and security.

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Top 10 Computer Vision trends to look for in 2022

The technology adoption trend will continue to accelerate. It mainly consists of AI and intelligent industrial automation. Although businesses are still in the process of getting a firm grip over various AI technologies, computer vision will continue to open various technology horizons for hyper-digital dawn.

How Video Intelligence Can Flip the Script on Restaurant Labor Shortages

As the restaurant industry slowly comes out of the pandemic, another crisis is already making its mark – the availability of labor. Dine-in restaurants and QSRs are no longer suffering from wary diners or capacity limits; instead, they struggle to retain and hire enough employees to handle the influx of customers.

Video Intelligence Has Transformed the Restaurant Industry. Here's How.

Imagine this: your restaurant's operations are a huge water tank and there are several holes in your water tank, these holes are your sunk costs and operational inefficiencies. Video intelligence can help identify and mitigate these operational inefficiencies, ultimately helping you save both time and money.

5 ways to secure your restaurant from employee theft with video intelligence

Just imagine your restaurant business is soaring and you thought the sales couldn’t get any better and then boom! Petty cash and minor inventory start to go missing and certain expenses are being unaccounted for you, but still, you don’t think much of it because your sales are skyrocketing. Then before you know it, the auditing shows that the numbers haven’t been adding up for months and you start to wonder what could’ve happened and who could’ve done this?

Video Intelligence Can Help Maintain High Food Safety Standards in Restaurants. Here's How!

In the restaurant business, you are only as good as the last meal you served. In fact, over two-thirds of customers will never visit a restaurant where they have had one bad experience. So, maintaining high food safety standards in restaurants is of paramount importance.

How can checklists and video data help restaurants

So, let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t love dining out and having a good time whether that be elegant fine dining at that fancy restaurant that just opened up in town or the good ol’ mom and pop diner? Irrespective of whatever your personal tastes and preferences might be, everyone loves to eat good quality food! But it's not just the food quality that they focus on, these folks are also looking to receive exceptional customer service that makes them want to keep coming back for more! To ensure that you retain your valuable customers, we’ll give you the inside scoop as to why checklists are the way to go so that your restaurant keeps on booming.

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