How video intelligence can make your restaurants future-proof in 2023?


Going forward in 2023, the video surveillance industry is transforming in new ways. Artificial intelligence solutions and automation technologies is revolutionizing the way businesses use their security camera systems. Moreover, businesses across all industries are preparing for the uncertainty that lies ahead, taking lessons from the past couple of years to be stronger than before.

Let’s quickly dive in to see the possible trends in video intelligence in 2023.

Video intelligence solutions are future-proof

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Gone are the days when video content generated by your security cameras were used purely for security and surveillance. Computer vision has now made it possible for you to get useful insights from regular video content to help you position your operations for success.

According to AI study conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, 50%+ businesses have AI as an active part of their operations, with more than 25% reporting widespread AI adoption in their company.

Video intelligence similar to other AI technologies prepares brands for future and provides them with the ability to solve problems in real-time. Removing operational bottlenecks in real-time helps businesses with cost savings and increased revenue in the long run.

Video intelligence is helping brands reduce operating cost

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Uncertain economic conditions are the only thing that’s certain, and amidst that brands want solutions that help them reduce overall operating costs. Video intelligence is just one of those.

  • Automating daily tasks: Daily tasks such as cleaning protocols, sanitization, monitoring production lines, counting inventory, or tracking employ attendance is executed smoothly with a layer of video intelligence in your security cameras. This helps brands improve efficiency and reduce employee costs.
  • Reducing energy consumption: Video intelligence lets you detect areas within your workplace where energy is getting wasted in real-time, enabling businesses to identify and address inefficiencies in their energy consumption.
  • Safety and security: Lack of real-time awareness in terms of security and safety is what costs businesses a major chunk of their revenue in one go. A restaurant loses anywhere between $1,000 - $60,000 due to fire accidents. Video intelligence helps you stay ahead of time to prevent such accidents.
  • Improving operational efficiency: Video intelligence gives you complete visibility into what’s happening at your workplace point you towards the most relevant bottlenecks and inefficiencies so that you can act then and there to streamline activities to your benefit.

Video intelligence for better DriveThru experience

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Customers are gravitating towards greater convenience and more speed. More than 60%+ customer prefer ordering at a DriveThru or online, instead of dining-in a restaurant. However, with the demand for short wait time and queues, and inability to detect bottlenecks, DriveThrus suffer.

There is a need for speed among DriveThru customers. suggests that as much as 76% customers leave or consider leaving a queue with more than 3 – 4 cars. Moreover, in 2022, a total DriveThru time of 343 seconds was perceived friendly by customers, anything beyond that was not.

Video intelligence instantly adds context to video streams generated by your security cameras. With real-time insights you tackle problems pertaining employee productivity, queue length management, food preparation, high customer walk-ins, and beyond, effortlessly.

Here’s how video intelligence makes your DriveThrus Swifter.

  • Get real-time data on customer drive-in count and wait time to open an extra DriveThru lane or a window. Ramp up order-taking process and food preparation in advance to serve food on time.
  • Open side-2 in the kitchen. As wait time and customer count exceed, open up side-2 so that your crew can ramp up food preparation, ensuring all orders are delivered in time.
  • Ensure dedicated staff members are deployed at parking areas, at fryers and grill spots in the kitchen to cut down wait time and keep queue lengths below 3 – 4 cars at all times.
  • Setup an ergonomic kitchen by using heatmaps. Ensure your kitchen equipment are placed at areas which is the shortest distance between point A and B, preventing wasted movements and time.
  • Customize digital menu boards according to peak hours. Use video intelligence to track which items take less time to prepare and upsell those items, while downselling those that take longer time.

Prevent losses with video intelligence

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Losses are the most common trend across all industries. However, with video intelligence you now have a tool which can help you prevent at least 75 – 85 percent of those losses.

Losses are not only limited to accidents, burglaries, thefts, or employee crunches; it occurs also because of operational inefficiencies within your business. Video management platforms equipped with AI and automation capabilities let you integrate your operations management software and POS systems to derive more context out of every transaction and every operational activity that gets executed.

Video intelligence gives you visual evidence of every transaction that your POS systems record and every activity that gets tick-marked on your operations management software. With greater visibility around your transactions and operations, you can identify and remove inefficiencies wash away a major chunk of your revenue.

With real-time insights, operators can act on any threat or potential accidents that might occur helping them ensure safety of staff and customers at all times.

Curious to know how much video intelligence can help you save in revenue? Use ROI calculator.

To wrap it up

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Video surveillance systems are the most underutilized assets that are present at almost every workplace across all major business industry. Your security cameras are the silent watchers of everything that goes around. Video intelligence uses the mammoth of video content generated every day and shortlists the most relevant insights that useful for your business to help you get more out of every dollar you spend.

With video intelligence, is trying to help businesses achieve operational excellence and gain better control over their ROI. Interested? Book a demo with us today, it’s free!

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies that Hurt your revenue

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies that

Hurt your revenue

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