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Let’s talk about VMS software and why you need it now

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Let’s talk about VMS software and why you need it now


It is said that working hard is part and parcel of one’s life, but what if that back-breaking work never seems to end because your business operations might not be producing enough output? And to top it all off, you have a host of various security obstacles that threaten the success of your business that you’ve worked so hard to build? Well, thank goodness for the invention of VMS software because this technology can help you overcome any security vulnerability or productivity hurdle all at the drop of a hat! Read on to learn more!

What is VMS software?

What is VMS software?

When a person thinks of a surveillance system, their minds lean more towards the most visible aspects of it. But there is more to a surveillance system than one realizes. VMS software or video management systems software has only seen a steady climb owing to the increased usage of cloud-based technology. This is also accompanied by a need to connect and better streamline business operations.

In essence, VMS software operates on a closed server and will collect data from all cameras and other recording sensors in a secured environment that will enable better security protocols and data collection/storage. Once the video and sensory streams are gathered, the software will organize and catalogue them on an interface so that a user can view it for reference. VMS software can be customized based on the requirements of the individual or the company that can span across different markets and verticals. For instance, a video management system for a school will have different requirements than that of a bank. Therefore, such systems integrations allow users to acquire contextual evidence based on the data that is gathered to create a more comprehensive picture of an event.

Does VMS software and AI go hand in hand?

Does VMS software and AI go hand in hand?

With VMS software, you can take your business to the next level by gaining actionable insights through video data using the power of AI and other smart technologies. Essentially, AI is what sets a VMS platform apart from the other security networks. In this case, the word “AI” is an umbrella term for different AI-based technologies that are present in modern video surveillance, including pattern recognition, machine vision, and machine learning.

Among the more prominent uses of AI includes people, motion, and clothing detection. As a business owner, you can take up the use of smart detections in filtering out certain things that don’t matter in footage and focus on the priority-based timeline activities you need.

How can VMS software benefit industries?

How can VMS software benefit industries?


Most industries will stand to gain immensely from VMS software if they consider four key benefits. Read on to know what they are!

Integration of security systems

With innovations in cloud and robotic technology, VMS can be used to connect security operations from anywhere in the world. Once the data is gathered, it passes through the software interface where it can be accessed internally by a company’s security network from wherever they are located. Thus, creating a comprehensive study at suspicious behavioral patterns and the scope of a potential security breach. For instance, in the event of a security breach at a single location, employees can review all video data for that location while also referring to the security measures at other locations. This will help to determine if the threat is on an individual level or is a company-wide issue.

Embracing new solutions to diversify security protocols

VMS software leverages emerging technology such as advanced robotics, cloud technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Such technologies help to streamline the collection and organization of all data acquired by other various forms of security and offers a comprehensive analysis of security visibility and analytics, which leads to forming an appropriate threat response plan.

Offering a quicker and more intelligent threat response

Once a physical or cyber vulnerability is identified, operators can use their skills and the data provided by the VMS software to promptly conduct an effective response plan so as to not spend time unnecessarily on false alarms. In addition, the machine learning will also allow operations personnel to identify and detect areas of weakness based on the data gathered. This will strengthen and tighten security protocols and mitigate potential threats from occurring in the future.

The data gathered fills in security intelligence gaps

Even though technology has come a long way for the security industries but there is still more growth and data required to fully combat the scale of potential security vulnerabilities. The data put forth by surveillance cameras, video management systems and intrusion sensors aid in bridging the intelligence-gathering gap leading to more effective methods of protecting company personnel, customers and assets.




It is predicted that the need for 360-degree security and visibility will only increase in the years to come. As such, it becomes all the more important for companies to implement an intelligent security platform and stay one step ahead of the curve. provides a video intelligence platform that produces actionable insights captured in real-time and offers an extra layer of digital protection. With Wobots’ AI-enabled algorithms and its required hardware becoming more widely accessible, AI has now automated a series of investigative tasks that help to capture events in real-time and that are accessible from anywhere. When the machines are taught to automatically detect suspicious behavioral patterns, your company be in a much better position to effectively identify and prevent these unlawful incidences from happening.

Learn to identify, analyze and mitigate process deviations in real-time with video intelligence.

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