Best Ways to Improve the Speed of Service for your Restaurant Business in 2023


Learn how to make your customers satisfied with improved speed of service today!

What are the parallels between automobiles, planes, computers, restaurants, and Disneyland rides? We want them to move faster, with great speed. In fact, we love speed. Similarly, in the restaurant industry, we want our operations to be faster, cheaper, and more efficient. But “how do we achieve that” is one of the most asked questions I guess. So, let’s learn how to improve the speed of service in your restaurants that make your customers love your service.

5 Ways to Improve Speed of Service in your Restaurant

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There are numerous ways for restaurants to improve their speed of service while lowering their risk of loss due to failure to meet customer expectations. The five best practices for increasing speed are as follows.

1. Accurate Data Forecast

Restaurant managers can make informed purchase orders and schedule employees by forecasting sales and demand. This is critical for increasing service speed because it ensures that the restaurant has enough inventory and staff to fulfill customer orders.

The most recent point-of-sale (POS) systems with forecasting capabilities can assist restaurateurs by providing accurate sales data reports, which they can then use to optimize scheduling, cut costs, and maintain optimal levels of inventory.

2. Ensure Order Precision

Employees should ensure that orders are correct to improve service speed. They can accomplish this by repeating the customer's orders before sending the ticket to the kitchen.

This saves the kitchen staff from having to spend extra time remaking an order. It will also reduce customer wait times and food wastage.

3. Timely checking of Equipment

Check every hardware and tool before using it. In addition, the employees should inspect and monitor their equipment and perform repairs as needed to avoid service interruptions.

Restaurants can also improve the speed of service by upgrading to the most recent technology. Video Intelligence can be the best option to let you know about your tools as you can get real-time insights as well as alerts in case of an emergency.

Self-ordering kiosks, for example, are included in the best POS platforms, as is digital signage, which allows diners to see menu items quickly without having to wait for servers to hand them physical catalogs.

4. Hands-on POS Training

Management should thoroughly train cashiers on how to use the POS system to ensure that orders are correctly entered and transactions are processed. Supervisors can provide hands-on training to new employees by allowing them to practise using the POS system and guiding them through their first customer transactions.

With comprehensive training, cashiers will be able to complete sales more efficiently and quickly solve POS problems, reducing customer service delays.

5. Optimize your restaurant's layout

Here's another clue that isn't always obvious. If customers are taking too long to make a decision at the drive-thru order window, it may be time to install a dynamic menu board that suggests popular items and combos while they wait in line.

Are customers crowding in the restrooms, slowing down staff? Artificial intelligence-powered computer vision technology can help you identify bottlenecks and optimise your dining room layout.

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies that Hurt your revenue

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies that

Hurt your revenue

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