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How enhanced Video Monitoring can help Boost Productivity in the Manufacturing Sector

Video monitoring is an integral part of any manufacturing setup today especially because it offers excellent footage about the different aspects of the manufacturing process. How an organization utilizes this kind of footage is what enhances the real value of the entire monitoring process. After all, it requires substantial investment to install an effective video monitoring system that can bring in the expected returns in terms of optimizing processes and regulations at different levels. Optimum utilization of the video footage can be achieved by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) enabled video analytics with the monitoring system. It automates the entire video analysis by eliminating the much slower and ineffective human effort in this process.

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5 Ways Safety and Security Checklists Protect your Workplace

Every workplace has hazards that it can face in case of unpredictable or potentially hazardous circumstances. Given that there is always a certain degree of risk for safety and security, it becomes a priority to identify possible workplace hazards properly. It is where the role of a safety and security checklist comes into play.

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