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5 Ways Safety and Security Checklists Protect your Workplace

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5 Ways Safety and Security Checklists Protect your Workplace


Every workplace has hazards that it can face in case of unpredictable or potentially hazardous circumstances. Given that there is always a certain degree of risk for safety and security, it becomes a priority to identify possible workplace hazards properly. It is where the role of a safety and security checklist comes into play.

These safety checklists provide a comprehensive set of tools to determine possible workplace hazards. It also ensures that the specific tasks are completed during safety inspections, reported and used for safety recommendations, and duly maintained in the records.

However, the continuously evolving work environments may make it hard to rely on manual checklists due to the possibility of errors and lack of accuracy. Further, it can also miss out on any potential threats that may crop up due to negligence or a minor mistake. When this happens, it gives rise to several security and safety menaces that may cause significant harm if left undermined for longer.

The one-stop solution to ensure that your workplace and the people are safe

Well, this is where Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue!

AI-powered checklists can help you automate your monitoring process and make it more efficient!

But how can these AI-powered checklists ensure that your people and workplace face no such safety risks?

Let’s go through the following section to have a clear picture of the same.

How do AI-powered safety & security checklists ensure workplace safety?

Workplace safety stems from adopting a procedure or set of tools that take care of everyone’s health and safety in a workplace. But unlike the regular ones, AI-powered checklists can do wonders if applied in the systems. A detailed safety and security checklist backed by AI can enable the authorities to keep an eye on any possible hazard in place. The remote monitoring system helps you to keep track of every activity at your workplace in real-time!

It ensures that you stay aware of what went wrong, what can lead to a possible hazard, and what steps you can initiate to prevent any fatal possibility!

Here are the five ways AI-powered checklists can improve workplace safety and security at your organization.

1. Identifying and monitoring existing safety and security hazards

A safety checklist offers a comprehensive set of tools to carry out hazard assessments. This checklist helps detect potential safety and health hazards by accessing conditions in the workplace to implement adequate corrective measures that can prevent any possible threat. Further, the records of detailed insights through video analytics can help you to take the right action at the right time!

Having a safety and security checklist in the workplace is essential as it reduces the chances of workplace accidents from happening for the safety of employees and customers. While it helps search for appropriate controls for evaluating identified threats, it is also beneficial while performing safety inspections and reviews to ensure compliance with the workplace’s standard operating procedures and safety control measures.

For example, in high-risk organizations, such as banks, the threat of violence is extremely high. The response time for such situations has to be quick to prevent any destruction. A security checklist incorporating elements like gun detection, helmet detection, raised hand detection can predict these potential threats and prevent these situations from escalating. An alert of such situations goes to the authorities in real-time, which keeps banks and other high-risk places safe.

2. Detecting malfunctioning

Equipment failure is a common possibility in every workplace. The fluctuating downtime, improper operations, and failure to perform preventive maintenance are common issues that can lead to malfunctions in the workplace. Often, these failures lead to massive tragedies when ignored or taken for granted.

However, you can avoid these potential threats by ensuring proper and regular inspection of equipment and supplies. A safety checklist reinforced by AI will let you have real-time insights into workplace activities, making sure that you do not miss to catch an eye on any potential malfunctioning anywhere in the workplace. Such a Hi-Tech system can significantly help you make informed decisions to initiate condition-based maintenance at the right time and avoid any possible malfunction in the workplace.

3. Providing real-time insights for the safety tasks

To keep track of what precautions are needed to avoid any possible threat, updating every activity in a given place is important. With manual monitoring being an inefficient alternative here, AI-backed checklists can be directed to solve the problem. Since the AI vision is directly connected to your workplace’s CCTV system, you get immediate details and updates on the activities. Moreover, these insights will also ensure that all the necessary SOPs are being followed so that your organization doesn’t lag in compliance with the said safety standards.

For example, let us take an example of unattended objects. Unattended objects left anywhere for a certain period could be an enormous security threat, for which taking immediate corrective actions are necessary. When an AI-powered object detection model detects an unattended object, it immediately alerts the concerned authorities, decreasing the security risk.

4. Enabling actionable corrective measures to eliminate the potential threats

Solely detecting and identifying the potential threats is not a complete solution for workplace safety compliance. It is equally important to follow through with the corrective measures to eliminate any workplace hazards.

While the potential threats differ from industry to industry, the underlying problems and their corrective actions also vary accordingly.

Let us take the example of the retail industry to understand this better. In a retail environment, the dealing and management is not limited only to the movement, inventory, and storage of goods but also to the staff members and their customers. Given the situation, there can be several possible threats such as unstable loads, blocked pathways and routes, unsafe storage, inappropriate manual handling, restricted entry, and intrusion.

An AI-enabled safety and security checklist will help you with customized solutions and corrective measures to eliminate such fatalities in the workplace through synchronous monitoring. Video analytics can keep you informed about any dubious activity through CCTV cameras. It would suggest removing all obstacles and barriers from the specific areas to solve blocked passage. Therefore, it will be easier for you to eliminate any potential threat that was likely to occur in the first place.

5. Determining the reasons for existing and potential safety and security threats

In addition to the above tasks, an AI-powered safety and security checklist can also enable you to identify the reasons for the existing and any possible threat in the workplace and their associated risks. It enables thorough identification and inspection of potential hazards in the workplace through AI-powered video monitoring. It also allows the authorities to look into the reasons and better understand why specific risks can happen in their workplace and what they can do to avoid them. This introspection can ensure a better and safer working environment for everyone in a workplace.

Let us take an example to understand how this works. Suppose you have a warehouse at your food processing unit. While you stay at a remote place, you installed a CCTV camera at the warehouse for security reasons. However, through CCTV camera recordings, it came to your notice that some suspicious people are constantly trying to enter the place.

One solution, in this case, can be to automate the whole thing. AI-powered video analytics will help you with person recognition and sending alerts, while the security checklist will guide you towards taking actions in the right direction. It is a quick response that will enable you to take the possible steps to prevent any accident from happening. In work industries with usually high risk, workplace safety is a critical priority. It needs to be dealt with properly to ensure that your workplace stays safe from any potential danger.

The bottom-line

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is the future of advancements in technology. It can take the security system to the next level and make things much easier for us!

As for the safety and security standards, artificial intelligence has immense potential and scope for us to keep matching the pace with it and get better with each milestone!

On the other hand, safety and security are of utmost concern, and businesses need to follow proper follow-up. Hence, it’s not just an administrative responsibility in a business to ensure workplace safety but also to avoid legal fatalities due to the mandatory workplace compliance regulations.

Needless to say, what else can be better than bringing the magic of AI into the mix?

Learn how can help you automate your safety and security SOPs with its AI-powered checklists.

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