Overcome Operational Challenges By Adding Video Intelligence To Your Digital Checklists

Nearly 80% of restaurant customers claim that technology improves their restaurant experience, making it imperative to cater to their appetite for change

We partnered with the leader in digital food safety and operations execution software, Jolt for a live webinar on how using digital checklists in combination with video intelligence can solve pertinent challenges like employee productivity, team accountability, cleanliness, food safety, and operational efficiency

What you'll learn

  • The significance of video intelligence, predictive analysis, digital checklists, and more!

  • How camera insights in your checklists can help improve team accountability, cleanliness, food safety, productivity, and efficiency

  • A 60-day roadmap on the visible improvements you’ll see in operational efficiency and team accountability around daily tasks

About the Speakers

Tim Pencilli

With over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality sector, Tim has helped numerous operators optimize their operational efficiency and build more team accountability in their business through SaaS platforms.

Erik Hundevad

With over 10 years of experience, Erik has spearheaded various engagements between technology providers and restaurants, helping them adopt and use technology in efficient ways.

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