How Voice & Video AI Can Transform the Future of Drive Thrus

Catch Benjamin Brown, VP Sales at Converse Now and Erik Hundevad, AVP Sales at Wobot AI in a conversation about how Voice and Video AI is collectively helping restaurants improve their ordering process. More than 60% customers state – order accuracy and service speed are the primary reasons why they come back to a restaurant. Hop into to webinar recording to ensure you don’t miss out on the insights and learnings!

    What you'll learn

    • What are the challenges faced by restaurants due to employee shortage?

    • How restaurants can automate ordering process at drive-thrus and other channels with Voice & Video AI?

    • How automation allows restaurants to save up to 12 employee hours per week and increase order-to-service speed for each order?

    About the Speakers

    Benjamin Brown: As VP Sales, at Converse Now, which is an agnostic channel Voice AI technology for restaurants, Benjamin oversees programs that drive lead generation, brand awareness, and thought leadership in the restaurant, food service, and AI industry.

    Erik Hundevad: As AVP Sales, at Wobot AI, Erik handles programs that drive lead generation, create brand awareness, and help restaurants adapt to new ways of creating a better customer experience with AI.

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