A coffee shop with 4 cameras or a manufacturing facility with 100s, Wobot’s new-age VMS benefits all

Single dashboard to add and manage all your cameras

Motion-based recording with cloud storage for your security cameras

Real-time notification based on pre-defined tasks for a more proactive approach

Connect your NVR and access our camera system on your mobile and desktop

Cloud-based VMS, deployed in minutes with wide integration support for IP cameras and NVRs

Easy to afford pay-as-you-go options based on your requirements


Smart Video Management

  • Add any IP camera in minutes vs hours
  • Support for all popular NVRs and OEMs
  • Access live or recorded video feeds. Anytime. Anywhere.

Event Tagging

  • Use the playback feature for quick viewing and tagging of events on the recorded video clips
  • View hours of footage in just minutes!​
  • View relevant clips from any device

Intelligent Video Analytics

  • Advanced computer vision technology for object and activity recognition
  • Replace traditional manual monitoring with a completely automated, AI-powered system

Camera Health and Security

  • Get real-time alerts when your camera is down or being tampered with or in case of any other security breach
  • Get rid of manual checks and move from delayed to real-time measures for the security of your workplace

On-the-go Monitoring

  • Use your smartphone to view Livestream of video feeds and check AI detected events
  • Work together on one platform and accelerate coordinated response to events

User Access Control

  • Share access to specific cameras and locations
  • Tailor access permissions as per user-defined roles

Industries benefiting from our New-age VMS




Food Services

Real Estate


Facility Management