Propel Your Retail Business with Video Intelligence

Set your retail business for success with better customer experience and conversions by enhancing operational efficiency and driving excellence in staff performance

With Wobot AI You Can

Unlock Higher Conversions

Delve deeper into your conversion metrics to spotlight areas ripe for enhancement, be it in engagement tactics, product placement, or even your store layout. Elevate the potential of walk-ins into successful conversions, amplifying your retail prowess.

Zone-Based Analytics for Tactical Store Management

Discover what areas in your store captivate the most attention, learn which products draw interaction, and analyse how customers move through the store space.

Utilize these valuable insights to strategically position products, fine-tune store layouts and craft impactful promotional strategies.

Elevate Decision Making with Heatmaps and Event Tracking

Visualize the crowd magnets in your store through heatmaps and gain clarity on customer preferences. Complement this with regular performance tracking, either daily or weekly, to keep a pulse on key performance indicators.

Pave the Ideal Shopping Route with Customer Path Analysis

Delve into the customer's path within your store, observing which sections they explore and where they linger. Apply this invaluable data to tailor your store layout, hone product arrangement, and enrich the overall shopping ambiance.

Want to make better operational decisions with real-time insights?

We provide a range of crucial insights based on your focus areas!

Customer Conversions
Loss Prevention
Employee Productivity

Accelerate Checkout Process

A quick and smooth checkout is an important aspect of a customer's in-store journey

Inventory Planning

Combine customer traffic count by day or time with sales numbers from the POS to visualize a correlation between footfall, actual sales, and required inventory

Open Multiple Entry Spots

Do not limit the customers to using only one entrance

Reduce Checkout Wait Times With Line Busting

Enable a faster reaction to build-up of queues at the checkout, with staff busting the lines to complete the billing process quicker reducing wait times

Choose a suitable location for your store

Reach more customers by making data-driven decisions about your store's location inside the mall

Reduce Churn Rate

Track and manage the queues at checkout more effectively to decrease wait times thereby reducing customer walkaways

Strategize Your Marketing Campaigns

Map a customer's journey inside the store and find locations and time periods that attract maximum eyeballs

Fine-tune The Staffing Levels

Keep staff levels to an optimum level. Observe footfall entering and leaving the store, or moving through a specific area.

Better Product Placement With Visitor Flow Data

Determine hot and cold spots by knowing how a customer navigates through your store or dwells at certain spots

Promotional Messages via Digital Signage

Run promotions or welcome messages using digital signage when customers enter the store or a specific area inside the store

Influence Purchase Decision With Timely Assistance

Experience that will encourage repeat visits is directly related to staff attention the visitors receive in-store

Key Features

Single Dashboard

Monitor and analyse comprehensive in-store performance metrics through our fully customizable dashboard. Harness the power of heatmap analysis to gain crucial insights into customer behaviour.

Performance Benchmarking

Leverage in-store metrics for precise performance benchmarking. Evaluate the effectiveness of your staff, shift managers, or various store locations within your region.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Utilize historical data to inform long-term improvements to your infrastructure, staff management, product/inventory changes, and more

Easy Installation and Configuration

Our product is engineered for straightforward installation and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing surveillance systems or security cameras

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Wobot analyzes camera feeds and generates actionable insights for various businesses across industries

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