Transform your DriveThru with Video Intelligence

Onboard your pre-existing camera systems, and know what's happening in your drivethru lanes. Get meaningful insights, and set realistic wait times for customers by tracking service speed.

Want to make better operational decisions with real-time insights?

We provide a range of crucial insights based on your focus areas!

Speed of Service
Customer Experience

Accelerate service speed with Line-Busting

Make your staff walk up the DriveThru lanes or curbside spots with tablets to fasten order-taking & payment process

Add an Additional Lane - Just in Time

During rush hours, speed up operations by opening an additional lane for order-taking

Open an Extra Window, Split Function

Split order-taking and cashier process during peak hours, dividing the workload among staff and enhancing operational efficiency

Cross-Functioning is Key to Efficiency

Critical revenue hours require your service staff to cross-function and assist in bagging the orders

Aces in Position and Dedicated Staff are must during Critical Hours

During rush times, your intent must be to ensure all hands are on deck and your aces are in position covering all critical areas

Rush Hour? Customize your Menu

Customize the digital menu board by upselling items with fewer prep times and those with longer prep times

Power Up Self-Service Kiosks

During peak times, turn on the self-service kiosks to speed up the ordering process

Temporarily Shut Down Online Orders, Reduce Wait-Times

Ease the raging war in your kitchen by temporarily throttle online orders

Save Time with an Ergonomic Kitchen

Adjust aisle widths and organize the placement of equipment to minimize the movement of staff between stations

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Wobot analyzes camera feeds and generates actionable insights for various businesses across industries

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