Transform your Dine-In with Video Intelligence

Uncover the true potential of your restaurant's CCTV infrastructure by adding a layer of Video Intelligence to it. Improve food safety, enhance customer experience, reduce losses, and more!

We provide a range of crucial insights based on your problem statement

What is a problem statement?

Speed of Service
Customer Experience
Employee Productivity
Food Safety


Make better decisions, faster by adding context to your video streams and deriving actionable real-time insights.

Speed Up with Handhelds

Ensure your staff stroll the tables with handheld POS to fasten the order-taking & payment process, maximizing your table turnover.

Add an Extra counter - Just in Time

During rush hours, add an additional checkout counter at your restaurant to speed up operations.

Conserve time on Payments

Counting bills takes a lot of energy and time out of your frontline staff so, learn when it’s wise to opt for digital payments.

Speedier Expediting? Here's How

Having extra staff members working just on arranging the orders, will not only conserve time but also lead to accuracy.

Make Popular Orders a Priority

At times of extreme rush, increase staffing at stations handling hottest selling items, reducing food preparation time.

Maintain Staff Customer Ratio

Using historical data, maintain staff to customer ratio in line with the real-time demand throughout the day.

Avoid Over-Crowding inside Kitchen

Tightly-packed kitchens lead to discomfort and loss of concentration, leading to unwarranted mistakes.

Extra Hands on the Beverage Deck

Use extra hands to prep and parcel drinks at the beverage station during rush hours, which leads to faster service time.

Tackle Equipment Downtimes

Get alerted on equipment breakdown. Follow a backup plan and ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen.

Our platform integrates with a wide array of POS, security camera systems and alert systems

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