Transform your Car Wash with Video Intelligence

Uncover the true potential of your CCTV infrastructure by adding a layer of Video Intelligence to it. Accelerate speed of service, improve employee productivity, enhance customer experience, reduce losses, and more!

Want to make better operational decisions with real-time insights?

We provide a range of crucial insights based on your focus areas!

Speed of Service
Employee Productivity
Customer Experience
Loss Prevention

Constant Presence of Load-On Operator at Tunnel Entry

The load-on operator must be present at all times while your wash is open

Be Available for Customers at the Pay Station

Know when your customers might need help at the pay stations

Prevent Tunnel Downtimes with Preventive Maintenance

Regularly schedule preventive maintenance based on the number of cars washed or the number of equipment breakdowns

Suggestive Sell to Boost Transaction Time

Suggest additional aftercare or hand-applied services purchased by the plan member or repeat visitor

Monitor Staff Interaction Times at the Pay-Station

Monitor the interaction time of your pay-station staff with the customers

Walk the Line to Boost Transaction Times, Avoid Drop-Offs

Make your attendants walk the lines with handhelds during peak hours to process sales faster

Speed up the Conveyor at Busy Times

Know when you are busy and increase conveyor speed without affecting wash quality

There is Money between Cars - Analyze and Adjust the Spacing

Monitor the space between cars before loading and inside the tunnel

Boost Transaction Times with Card Transactions

Request your customers to pay via credit/debit cards during peak volume periods, removing the hassle associated with cash transactions

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