How a leading healthy food chain in UAE leveraged Video Intelligence to increase safety and hygiene in their workplace

Founded with a vision to serve only the highest-quality food, the casual restaurant chain caters to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market. They are incredibly dedicated to serving flavorful food that is also healthy. Holding themselves to the highest standards and delivering exemplary services across their restaurants, they partnered with to implement AI-powered checklists.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to reduce the operational cost of manually overseeing compliance to health and safety protocols while simultaneously eliminating inefficiencies in their restaurants and kitchens.

The Result

The customer was able to increase compliance to their internal SOPs and reduce the cost involved in manually overseeing the adherence to prescribed norms.

The Challenge

Personnel Hygiene and food safety are critical to the success of a restaurant chain. While there was an in-house team that enforced standard hygiene and safety protocols, manually overseeing compliance can increase operational cost, and leave room for human fallacies.

The company was looking for solutions that could help them:

Get better insights and visibility into their business operations
Enhance customer experience
Boost productivity of their workforce
Reduce dependency on manual processes to track compliance with safety procedures
Use the output from the platform to augment their internal training processes
They were keen on deploying the latest technology to achieve their goals. With these priorities in mind, they chose to work with due to our expertise in delivering accurate and actionable insights from existing CCTV cameras.

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Our Approach onboarded the existing CCTV cameras onto its platform and helped them set up relevant AI tasks. The in built workflow automation system raised tickets on detection of process deviations. The tickets raised had to be closed by the kitchen supervisor within a defined turnaround time (TAT).

The AI tasks configured on their cameras, helped them detect-

Compliance with Mopping activity
People not wearing Headgear
Absence of Gloves when preparing food
Absence / improper usage of Facemask

The Result

Insights and tickets raised helped the customer resolve operational challenges – all in real-time! made it possible for the client to track trends across timelines, compare the performance of various locations on hygiene and food safety metrics, and helped them better manage restaurant and kitchen functions. The incidents detected by AI were used as feedback to enhance the existing training processes for the employees.

Deploying an automated system allowed the employees to focus on more critical tasks resulting in improved productivity. In addition, with automation, the client was able to cut down the cost of manual monitoring.

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