Transforming a Premier Cold Pressed Juicery's Operations for an Exceptional Customer Experience


The customer is a popular cold-pressed juice bar chain based in California. With 144 retail outlets across the United States, the customer competes with other leading brands in the industry, such as Juice Press.


The customer was facing a challenge in ensuring fast and efficient service while optimizing processes for the productivity of their employees. Their employees have multiple responsibilities, including taking customer orders at the point of sale (POS) and at the same time ensuring that the display coolers were adequately stocked to fulfil orders promptly, for example. They recognized the need for in-store insights that would allow for a faster customer service and smoother customer experience.


Working in collaboration with Interface Systems and OpenEye, the customer’s Hardware providers, we at Wobot AI worked with the Innovation and Loss Prevention (LP) teams at the customer’s end who recognized the transformative potential of our product and championed its implementation within the organization.

Based on the understanding of their existing surveillance infrastructure in the initial few weeks, we worked alongside the customer’s Innovation and Marketing teams to design a pilot program for ten stores.

The pilot aimed to address the following key objectives:

  • Managing staff levels in different shifts by tracking customer walk-in counts at various hours
  • Improving Customer Service by Identifying Instances of Customers Waiting with No Available Staff to attend to them
  • Enhancing customer experience by capturing events wherein the order time was above the organisational level OKR of 4 mins
  • Ensuring faster service by monitoring inventory levels in the cooler displays and automatically notifying when replenishment is required

We collaborated with Interface Systems to set up our product, tailoring it to meet the specific needs identified in the pilot phase. Utilizing the feeds of the cameras, our AI-powered platform generated insightful events which helped the customer with useful information and valuable, store level trends. Furthermore, we shared recommendations on additional use cases that could be explored to leverage the data we collected.

To motivate each store to leverage the available data and improve efficiency, we introduced a gamification element. We implemented a mechanism to rank stores based on multiple efficiency and compliance parameters. These ranks were published monthly and helped the customer to measure (and compare) store performances.


In just three months of starting the pilot program, the customer experienced significant impact of Wobot’s Video Intelligence solution. Leveraging data made available through real-time dashboards, the customer realized the potential to optimize their operations and achieve an additional annualised revenue of up to 2-2.5%, for the stores where the product was rolled out.

By acting on real-time insights and streamlining operational processes, the customer aimed to enhance their overall efficiency and improve the speed of service and customer engagement. The product allowed them to proactively manage staff levels during different shifts by tracking customer walk-in counts at various hours and ensure faster service by monitoring inventory levels in the cooler displays and facilitating timely replenishment.

The implementation of Wobot AI’s Video Intelligence platform, combined with the gamification approach to drive store performance improvement, resulted in tangible benefits for the customer. The management team acknowledged the positive impact of the product on their business operations and expressed their appreciation for the increased visibility and data-driven decision-making facilitated by Wobot AI.


With the success achieved during the pilot program and subsequent scaling across 80+ stores, the customer continues to rely on the product to optimize their operations. They have embraced the power of data and real-time insights to drive efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Moving forward, the customer aims to further expand the application of the product by exploring additional use cases and leveraging the insights gained to enhance their overall business operations. They recognize the value of data-driven decision-making and the transformative impact it can have on their top line. Through continued collaboration with Wobot AI, the customer is well-positioned to sustain their growth and maintain their competitive edge in the cold-pressed juice market.

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