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A place of little hierarchy and continuous learning. At Wobot, we seek the best for our team and then we get out of their way to let them grow.

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Just like our eyes see the world, but it's actually our brains that interpret what's truly going on, at Wobot, we are on a mission to add brains to your cameras to enable better decisions.

Our Values

Our values are the driving force behind everything we do at

Care Deeply.

We cultivate a people first environment that is compassionate and supportive.

Be Bold.

Take charge and be brave in taking actions.

Foster Inclusivity.

Upholding an environment where diversity is celebrated and ensuring that everyone feels included and happy.


Transparency helps us create an environment of trust and understanding.


Work together to achieve a collective goal.

Strive to be better.

We are always working towards improvement.

Recognised for being a Great Place to Work

We are a team of highly motivated and driven individuals with a common goal of revolutionizing the world with Video intelligence. Together, we have worked hard towards building a great culture of inclusion, transparency and ownership.

Explore Life At Wobot

Employee Benefits

We invest in our Team. Our benefits cultivate a growth-centric environment.


Meaningful Equity

ESOPs are available for top performers across all levels.

Competitive Compensation

Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience along with performance-based bonus programs in all departments.

Work Remotely

We are 100% remote. Live and work from anywhere around the world.

Wellness Benefit

Annual health coverage of 3L for you and your family.

Personal Growth Fund

Company sponsored upskilling courses.

Growth Hours

40 paid hours a year to upskill.


Company get-togethers twice a year.

Giving Back to Society

40 hours of volunteer time off to invest in the community and its causes.


A fully paid 6-week break after every 5 years with Wobot.

Financial Advice

We have partnered with a financial advisor who will advise our team in setting up retirement and investment plans.

Paid Parental Leave

Paid time off to parents who give birth, adopt or foster a child.

Referral Bonus

Refer a full-time hire and get attractive referral rewards

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