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Wobot.ai’s Product Update November 2022

Written by Team Wobot

Wobot.ai’s Product Update November 2022


Over the last few months, we have been working on making some major changes to help you extract more insights from your data on Wobot.ai.

We’re very excited to bring the following features to you:

task detail.png

Data Rich Task Types

Wobot.ai currently supports 100+ tasks. But not all tasks’ data is equal. To help you get more insights out of the data for each task, we’re introducing Task Types, segregating the tasks into different categories.

From today, you’ll see your tasks divided into the following categories:

  1. Process based
  2. Count based
  3. Time-based
  4. Occupancy based

Each of these categories supports more data-rich views, analytics and insights based on the data.

Providing these feature-rich views also means some changes on AI and data level for us. As of today, we’re launching the following tasks with new rich-data points:

task  table.png

NOTE: More tasks will be updated in the coming weeks and months to support more data-rich views.

Better Time Tracking

Tasks including person's wait time and vehicle wait time now support tracking the subject's time along with sending the email alert if a certain range or threshold is crossed. This range can be set during Task Setup. This provides you more insights into the average time spent by the subject hour-wise, date-wise and more.

Want to make better decisions with Video Intelligence? Log in to the platform and see for yourself or book a demo with us!

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Simpler Navigation

We have simplified the confusion of events & tickets now! The Task Details page now focuses on the overall analytics and data for each task, while still giving you the power to drill down to an individual event.

Camera Health Tracking

Wobot.ai is built around your cameras. Any down time for the camera can affect the running tasks. To help you track and identify the cameras facing down time, we’re introducing camera health tracking. Each camera now has a Health grade based on its offline time. You can also get an alert for when a camera goes down and view the logs.

What’s Next?

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be revamping our notification system, providing you with the option to group notifications for a task for a day instead of receiving them for each event.

The mobile app will also launch support for task type and push notifications for alerts soon.

Stay tuned for more updates! Wish to know more about Wobot.ai and video intelligence. Talk to our experts today!

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