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Top Benefits of the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

Written by Team Wobot

Top Benefits of the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

The single most important hygiene recommendation that has been reiterated by health experts across the world over the last couple of Covid-19 ridden months has been: Wash your hands!

Handwashing often is the single most important measure to reduce the risks of transmitting skin microorganisms from one person to another. Even WHO has been constantly pushing organizations to adopt the Hand Hygiene Protocol.

The need for Handwash Monitoring Hand washing is still often neglected or performed incorrectly, primarily when handling food. Some of the reasons that we have noticed include the lack of priority over other required tasks, insufficient time, inconvenient placement of hand wash facilities, or most often just lack of information on correct hand hygiene protocol.

This is where the Hand Hygiene Monitoring System comes in play, they have immense advantages to organizations from lowering costs, creating a safer work environment to improving customer satisfaction.

Amongst the many benefits, here are the top ones:

Higher Compliance Rate We have observed that a non-intrusive and objective eye, goes a long way in increasing the compliance rate.

It also tends to create a lower Hawthorne effect (the alteration of behavior by the subjects of a study due to their awareness of being observed), compared to when food handlers realize that they are being monitored on a continuous basis. Also, the staff can receive more frequent and personalized feedback, which further improves compliance.

Saves Time & Human Resources Hand Hygiene Monitoring System allows quantitative results, with the only costs being the installation and a subscription fee to maintain the system. Saving time and money in training and employing a resource to directly observe, is definitely one of the biggest benefits for organizations. Also, can you really afford a human error when non-compliance with hand hygiene can lead to serious health complications?

Data leading to Better Decision Making With automatic data download and analysis, organizations can audit the hand hygiene process, and form a hand hygiene compliance checklist. Abiding by the checklist can result in maintaining the optimum germ-free working environment, thus delivering superior service.

Apart from monitoring, the implementation of these systems has also proved to be an effective intervention to improve hand hygiene with successful results.

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