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Product WrapUp 2022

Written by Team Wobot

Product WrapUp 2022

2022 was a thrilling year!

We came up with several improvement on our platform along with various milestones we achieved with video intelligence.

Let’s dive right into it and see how the year looked at every quarter of the year.

First Quarter


Major update


Video analytics is the backbone that helps clients achieve an in-depth review of how their operations look like through data and trends.

The platform's analytics section was up and running in the first quarter. Users can now access powerful graphs, metrics, and other resourceful data to get a complete picture of their daily operations.

Other Upgrades

  • ROI based motion video for Direct Recording: Users can now setup direct recordings for tasks by drawing a region of interest and creating detection only when there is motion captured by the security cameras.
  • Website update: The Wobot.ai website is now a comprehensive overview of the features, industries, and credible resources on how video intelligence caters to multiple industries, with its features to help improve operations and drive more revenue across different problem statements.
  • Add standalone cameras through WoConnect: A new support system was launched in the first cameras to allow users add single cameras for via WoConnect.
  • App download for mobile: With an updated UX, users can now navigate a button to download the mobile app effortlessly.

Second Quarter


Major update

Jolt integration

After partnering with one of the leading operations management software Jolt, users can now integrate their Jolt accounts with Wobot.ai, which offers an added layer of visual validation for every checklist item that gets done or remains undone. Know how everything task unfolds with their video proofs.

OpenEye integration

Cloud VMS users with their OpenEye accounts can now directly onboard their cameras to Wobot.ai with a single click. A single dashboard helps users manage and assign tasks to their OpenEye cameras.

Third Quarter


Major update

Camera health tracking

Track your camera’s health through WoCam by seeing when they go offline and for how long. More details on the camera’s health can be accessed by going into camera details page.

Other Upgrades

  • New integration category: Jolt users now have a new interface for integrating their Jolt accounts. Operators using POS systems can now automate checklists and tasks that run on your POS transaction data.

Fourth Quarter


Major update

Introduction of Task Types

Wobot.ai supports more than 100 tasks. However, not all task data can be treated equally. By introducing task type each task gets allotted its own category which are:

  • Process-based
  • Count-based
  • Time-based
  • Occupancy-based

Under each task type users can now fetch rich data that relevant to the type of the task. For example, a time-based task will give you powerful graphs and trends on factors such as wait time and total journey time, which helps you improve the relevant area within your operations.


  • We onboarded 70+ clients locations across 180+ cities
  • Detected 500,000+ events
  • We grew stronger with 2x team members

There’s more to come in the next quarter of the new year, we’ll keep you updated.

Stay tuned!

Learn to identify, analyze and mitigate process deviations in real-time with video intelligence.

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