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Panera Brands, improve food safety standards and scores by adding video intelligence to your workforce

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When it comes to food safety, bad news travels fast and lingers for a long time.

Consider the following statistics.

  • 75% of customers refuse to visit a restaurant with negative reviews on food poisoning or hygiene incidents.
  • More than 58% of customers check reviews online before setting foot into the restaurant.
  • 92% of customers claim that they stopped visiting a restaurant after only one bad experience.

These facts clearly show that customers are more likely to do business with restaurants that deliver clear, visible signs of food safety and hygiene practices in their operations.

For chains like Panera Brands that focus on delivering unforgettable experiences and keeping people first – ensuring food safety and hygiene practices is non-negotiable.

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The Challenge

Ensuring food safety requires the disciplined pursuit of following essential tasks such as wearing masks, hairnets, gloves, washing hands, ensuring refrigerator doors aren’t left open, and beyond – daily.

But no matter how much you try, mistakes are inevitable. Moreover, most restaurants still rely on manual labor, which is challenging. The good news is that we stand at the zenith of technological developments for restaurants, especially in the AI and automation sector.

Now, what does automation solve? Well, automation instantly eliminates the scope of human error, which optimizes your food safety practices with less effort.

Many brands like Chipotle have experienced about 24.7 percent growth in revenue by simply being more open to automation and implementing it in critical areas in their business. is helping restaurants become more robust than ever in food safety, cleanliness, and hygiene by turning underutilized video data generated by CCTV cameras into valuable assets.

You can make your workforce more intelligent and responsive through video intelligence.

Let’s explore further.

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What does video intelligence do?

CCTV cameras are an ever-present part of the workforce at almost every restaurant – generating tons of video data daily, with literally no system to derive helpful feedback. provides a continuous feedback system that operators can use to onboard their CCTV cameras and get real-time visibility into their operations.

For example, imagine being notified instantly whenever one of your refrigerators was left open beyond 15 or 20 minutes. The answer is clear; one can immediately take action.

Especially during peak hours, an insight-driven feedback system has proven helpful for most restaurants looking to deliver an excellent customer experience, save more employee hours, and derive higher ROI for every dollar spent.

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How can help Panera Brands solve the most critical issues related to food safety?

Here’s how is helping restaurants automate their processes and stay in line with best industry practices, leaving marginal scope for silly mistakes to prevail.

One space for all your cameras

Managing cameras manually, especially when brands have multiple outlets at different locations, is inefficient. Instead, offers you a single space to onboard all your cameras, allowing you to know what’s happening at your site from anywhere.

Operators can also go back to recorded camera streams of the past and detect mistakes or inefficiencies. It also simplifies the process of training employees without having to indulge in repetitive training programs for fresh hires.


Checklists are a pre-defined set of actions that can be automated for your CCTV cameras. Many processes in your operations don’t necessarily require human presence; let AI take care of it.

To ensure better food safety and hygiene, restaurants can use AI checklists on the app, such as cleaning checklist, vehicle management checklist, personal hygiene checklist, and beyond.

Checklists give you a system to ensure that everything that’s needed to be done or avoided to maintain food safety standards is being taken care of in the background automatically.

Alerts in real-time

There’s too much activity at restaurants to assign a staff member and pay attention to every detail manually. uses video intelligence to identify and suggest what’s essential yet isn’t executed so that managers can immediately deploy corrective action.

For example, it is essential to ensure staff members follow a proper handwash routine and take at least 20 seconds to wash their hands. With alerts in real-time, managers can make sure whenever the protocol is violated.

Team accountability

There’s a pre-defined set of activities to stay parallel with best practices and a system to ensure that it creates more accountability around tasks that are carried out daily, encouraging employees to do the right thing.

Team members who’ve been consistent with their performance can be rewarded, and their videos can be used to train and teach others who’re relatively new, simplifying team productivity in the long run.

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In conclusion

When it comes to food safety, video intelligence solves the problem by giving operators a continuous feedback system, which helps them stay ahead of time and minimize any scope for mistakes that would lead to a negative review in the yellow pages.

Start making better operational decisions with video intelligence.

Feel free to book a meeting with us here, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Video AI.


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