Is Video intelligence the answer to your car wash complexities?

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News travels fast but bad news travels even faster. This is a motto every car wash establishment should live by. Most people head to their local car wash so that they can give their vehicles a quick clean up here and polishing job there. Hence, everything should be performed in a timely and orderly manner without any glitches as those could be a recipe for bad service. Fortunately for car wash businesses, AI-powered video intelligence can go a long way when dealing with operational inefficiencies which will lead to a better organizational structure and keep the drivers informed as to the status of their progress. Read on to know how video intelligence can help your car wash business thrive and exceed customers’ expectations.

Video Intelligence can leverage unused CCTV camera footage to identify bottlenecks in operations. Listed below are some of the use cases for the car wash industry!

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Vehicle wait time exceeded

In today’s world, time is money. Customers tend to feel frustrated if they have to wait for a long time. To boost sales and minimize lengthy vehicle wait times, one should identify the touchpoints that slow down the car washing process and increase traffic flow. For example, the lack of multi-lanes and designated pick-up points will only increase the traffic. Car wash businesses can employ AI-powered video intelligence to detect and track the wait time of the vehicle that passes through. This will be helpful for the enterprise as they can use such digital tools to stop losing their precious seconds off of service speed. If any vehicle is seen to wait for longer than expected, the restaurant takes action by optimizing staff members to speed up the delivery process. At the same time, the employees can also give an honest head-up to their customers.

Staff member not seen within x seconds of vehicle arrival

If vehicles are made to wait long before they receive service from employees, then it can lead to a large influx of vehicles. When there is a lengthy build-up of cars, it can further delay the car washing process and cause customers to become very unhappy.

Personnel should always remain alert and be present to guide the drivers into the direct paths of the car wash. Without having a proper indication of the direct paths or layout of the car wash premises, customers can become confused as to which path to take and this can lead to traffic. These navigational issues will not only cause congestion but it might even increase the chances of accidents. Each vehicle should receive timely and prompt service from employees and while it is understandable that the driver is expected to wait a certain amount of time before their vehicle is tended to, it is equally important not to keep the driver waiting for too long.

Cash Till open but Customer not Present

Handling the cash in public viewing can pose risks and can make the cash susceptible to theft. By implementing good safety practices for cash registers, you would be able to effectively streamline the billing process without having to worry about any untoward incidents such as robbery. Once the customer has handed over the cash to the cash register attendant, they should immediately file that cash in the cash till and then generate the necessary change to give back to the customer.

It is advisable to have your eyes on the till when a transaction is being made. Once payment is made, lock the till and remove the key when not in use. Finally, remember to count and transfer cash only when no customers are around at the end of the working day.

Slip and Fall Detection

Slip-and-fall accidents are among the causes of injuries and subsequent law suits in the car wash business. The accidents occur because the floor is uneven, wet, muddy, or tools. In case a worker or customer suffers an injury, they should be administered immediate first aid.

It's important to note that a workplace mishap can cause severe casualties for the employees and, in some instances, fatalities. Non – fatal trips, slips, and falls may result in injuries which could mean being away from work for a few days to recover. Such accidents can even make other employees feel unsafe and could lead to a loss of morale and demotivation to work.

Among the primary ways of curbing a possible mishap is ensuring that the floors are dry, clean, and at an adequate surface level. Just about all walking surfaces will encounter wear and tear over time, and any variations, no matter how small, could culminate in someone tripping over and falling. On the other hand, your car wash business is likely to encounter spills and wet processes which serve as reasons as to why a floor would be slippery. Hence, spills and splashes need to undergo a thorough clean-up. If there is a possibility of a slip and fall mishap, then your business should use signage to warn workers and customers of a potential hazard.

False customer claims

There are times when customers claim that the car wash establishment is responsible for any dents or scratches that they find on their vehicles. But more often than not, these damages already existed and these customers might place false accusations on the car business all in a bid to get their pre-existing damage fixed.

The first and foremost cause of action is to ensure that your car washing machinery actually isn't causing any damage. If it happens that your business is actually responsible for the damage, then not only would there be an economic impact of the legitimate damage claims, it can also prove to be detrimental to the overall reputation of your business and can even make you a potential target for dishonest customers who might also want free repairs.

Remember to take all the necessary preventive measures such as checking your equipment and machinery properly and undertaking a thorough inspection of the condition of the vehicle to determine if there are any visible signs of damage already.

Having an AI powered video intelligence platform equipped with a motion–based direct recording would serve as the best line of defense as the camera footage can easily document the condition of all vehicles when they enter the car wash and keep track of the vehicles as they move through the tunnel.

Aisles and Passageway Kept Clear

Aisles, passageways and corridors blocked with materials could cause serious hazards, resulting in life-threatening accidents and injuries. Therefore, they should have sufficient clearance and should be kept clear of any obstruction. The employers need to ensure that the routes leading to different areas of the premises must not be obstructed and devoid of any clutter as that may cause hindrances in navigation and is especially important when trying to escape the premises during a fire hazard. Fire rescue personnel enter through the nearest entrance, and any blockage may prevent them from entering and taking prompt action. There also needs to be adequate emergency lighting in the walkways and passages that indicate the exit route.

Employees greet customers upon arrival (near the self-service kiosk)

Qualities such as impeccable communication skills and an affinity for interacting with customers at the right time play a huge role in developing a healthy relationship with them. As soon as the customer steps inside the car wash establishment, do not waste any time greeting and welcoming them and making them feel comfortable, and ensure that the car wash process is conducted smoothly and systematically. Avoid making them wait unnecessarily and be tactful enough to resolve any issues or grievances that might come about as a result of not being able to tend to them when they needed to be. If the employees are not engaging in activities that best serve the interests of the customers, then the customer will see it as a lack of competence and professionalism, thereby discouraging the customer from revisiting the establishment.

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Conclusion provides real-time insights that help reduce the lengthy wait times and improve overall customer experiences at your car wash business. Our comprehensive video intelligence system will allow your car wash business to leverage unused CCTV camera footage to make better decisions. Furthermore, you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware with since we add a layer to AI to your existing camera network. also offers video intelligence solutions at incredibly competitive prices. Video intelligence can do all this and more for your company. With clients like Rising Tide, has the unique industry knowledge to better serve your needs.

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