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When it comes to food safety, bad news travels fast and lingers for a long time.

Consider the following statistics:

  • 75% of customers refuse to visit a restaurant with a negative review of a food poisoning or hygiene incident.
  • More than 58% of customers check reviews online before setting foot into the restaurant.
  • 92% of customers claim that they stopped visiting a restaurant after only one bad experience.

These statistics show that maintaining proper food safety and hygiene practices are essential factors in ensuring the customers' good health. Offering excellent food health goes a long way so that customers can dine out and consume food without worrying about the potential risks.

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The Role of Food Safety in El Pollo Loco

Food safety is a critical aspect of managing a restaurant for a prolific restaurant chain such as El Pollo Loco. El Pollo Loco outlets should ensure that their food is safe for consumption as it is directly linked with the health and safety of their customers.

El Pollo Loco stands out amongst its competitors for preparing their famous citrus chicken fresh off the grill, and the restaurant layout is such that customers can see just how their chicken is being prepared and when chicken is loaded onto the grill, it goes through different cooking cycles to the end of the grill station. All the other food items, such as salsa, guacamole, cheese, coleslaw, etc., are kept in close range to ensure that food gets pushed out on time.

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The challenge

El Pollo Loco gives importance to customers' safety and health. No matter how good the food might taste or how pleasant the customer experience may have been, a lack of food safety can lead to food poisoning and other health issues.

El Pollo Loco should have safety protocols and standards that help provide food of the highest safety standard and ensure that their restaurants create a loyal, repeating, and high-retention customer base.

The Best Practices for Food Safety

  • Time and temperature control
  • Food Storage

Time and Temperature Control

Foods that require time and temperature control to ensure their safety are called TCS foods. They should be stored at a specific temperature and for a particular time to ensure no unsafe bacteria growth. Food can become hazardous to humans if bacteria growth isn't controlled.

TCS foods also contain a high level of nutrients and moisture. Just add time and warmth to it, and they become an easy breeding ground for bacteria.

Food storage

Follow the FIFO rule

Ensure to follow the 'First In, First Out' rule to ensure that the older foods are stored on the top of the front so that they are used first and don't go past their expiry dates. By following this rule, you'll protect both food quality and food safety.

If in doubt, throw it out!

If you suspect that the food has degraded quality and is unsafe for consumption, don't hesitate to discard it. Some obvious signs of food decay or food degradation are foul smells. 

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How can help El Pollo Loco maintain better food safety measures? leverages video intelligence to detect bottlenecks and deliver real-time insights to resolve them effortlessly. In addition, we use advanced technologies like computer vision and artificial intelligence to help monitor processes, actions, and objects autonomously to ensure that the highest levels of food safety are maintained.

Food safety audit checklist

El Pollo Loco can use AI-based checklists to keep track of adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs). With Wobots' video intelligence, your restaurant will receive real-time alerts to El Pollo Loco managers if one or more of the tasks designated on food health/safety checklists are shown to have deviated from the prescribed norms. As a result, managers can effectively keep track of what tasks are being completed and where. For instance, computer vision can detect if an employee is not wearing a hairnet or gloves, and then that information can be relayed to you in real-time. You can then take appropriate action quickly.

Real-time alerts

By using Wobot's AI-enabled tools, your El Pollo Loco restaurant will receive real-time feeds that can show the frequency of anomalies in restaurants and help maintain food quality and safety standards. In addition, each update will be auto-synced for quick check-through and fast changes in the case of food safety non-compliances.

Team accountability 

Wobots' AI-backed video intelligence would provide better optimization of operations and more streamlined automation to your chain of El Pollo Loco restaurants. In addition, such tools will help restaurant owners make more informed decisions and track employee behavioral patterns. If there's a deviation from the norms, then corrective measures can be taken.

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To cap it up

At, we offer AI-driven solutions to help your restaurant maintain exceptional food safety standards and ensure smooth and effective day-to-day operations. Our solutions will also improve your El Pollo Loco restaurant's security posture, provide a better customer experience, and make the workplace safer for employees, thereby increasing your workforce's efficiency and productivity levels.

Feel free to book a meeting with us here, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about Video AI.


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