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Hygiene compliance in food retail industry

The food and grocery retail market bring in the highest amount of revenue in India’s retail sector. The market is the 6th largest in the world. This fast-growing sector is slated to increase its contribution three-folds to revenue in the retail sector by the year 2020*. One of the most important factors that food retailers need to observe is hygiene compliance.

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AI-powered Video Analytics for the Retail Industry

The retail industry is among the major users of artificial intelligence (AI) today. The industry has seen some major shifts in customer service, supply chain, waste management, inventory management, and demand projection through the use of AI, experiencing a boost in efficiency and profits. Although the journey of AI in retail has just begun, the promise of an exciting growth journey can already be seen through the gradual integration of AI-based analytics. One particular aspect of AI intervention in the retail environment is the utilization of video surveillance footage to optimize outcomes.

Importance of Checklists for Food Services, Retail & Manufacturing Industries

A single human brain can hold 4.7 million books in memory. Yet, we often forget a task or two. If you ask the reasons behind it, there are two – ignorance and ineptitude. The former refers to a lack of knowledge for performing the task, whereas the latter occurs because of our inability to apply the things we know.

Using AI to Augment Reputation and Loyalty – The Retail Story

Artificial Intelligence in retail stood at USD 1.80 billion at the end of 2020. It is further expected to cross 10.90 billion by 2026. A Teradata study shows that over 80% of companies use AI in some form of production.

How can In-store Customer Engagement be done Safely with Video Analytics?

In-store engagement refers to the physical interaction of customers and potential customers with your brand and the people who manage it in a brick-and-mortar business or commercial property. In-store engagement is an act of getting the customers into the store to induce customer engagement.

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