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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Reducing Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress is one of the least talked-about topics when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and ensuring mental health. There is enormous scope for educating employees regarding managing their stress and not letting it affect productivity.

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7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Restaurants Using Artificial Intelligence

In the COVID aftermath, businesses are revisiting their strategies, and the food industry is no exception to it. Food businesses worldwide are taking different approaches to transform their operations, all in the hopes of wanting to tap into the future consumers’ wants and needs. Restaurants have been changing their business structure, from supply chain to incorporating AI to maximizing consumer data, all to understand how to serve their customers in the post-COVID times.

The Future of AI: Top 10 Trends That Will Transform the World

Since its beginning, artificial intelligence has been one of the most valuable technologies for humankind. The man behind this massive discovery, Alan Turing, first thought of a technology that can feel and function like humans. Turing performed Turing Test in 1950 to understand the functioning of machines and the scope of them thinking like human beings. This was the foundation of artificial intelligence or AI, the term coined by James McCarthy in 1956.

What is AI-driven Restaurant Menu Clustering and How it Boosts Sales

Restaurants and food outlets always look to send a personalized message and invest in the right outreach initiatives. However, along with the right message, sending the fitting reward is highly essential. It’s critical to send this message in a targeted manner. A slight imbalance between the campaign budget and set reach can make or break the entire objective of the campaign.

How Santa Delivers Presents to the Entire World in One Night Using AI

As Christmas came close, we got curious about how Santa managed all the crazy amount of work he had to do. After all, making gifts for billions of houses around the world can’t be easy. Even more difficult to imagine is his grit to deliver all these gifts in a single night.

How Voice & Video AI Is Helping Restaurants Save Employee Hours Across All Ordering Channels

In the month of March, 2022, we conducted one of our most awaited webinars in collaboration with Converse Now. Our speakers Erik Hundevad, AVP Sales at Wobot.ai and Benjamin Brown, VP at Converse Now – got into an in-depth conversation about the state of restaurants due to the employee crunch and how Voice & Video AI technology can help restaurants reduce stress in the coming times.

4 Ways in Which Automating Restaurant Operations Can Create a Good Customer Experience

A good customer experience is tantamount to your ability to deliver a consistent, engaging, and memorable experience at every touchpoint. In present times, customers are habituated to looking at ratings on the internet before stepping into a restaurant. Which explains why customer experience is the only real driver of business as we move forward.

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