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Artificial intelligence | March 2nd 2023

Driving Next Gen Video Intelligence Applications with Edge AI

Edge AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies at the edge of a network, closer to the source of data, rather than in the cloud or a data center. Edge AI allows for real-time processing and analysis of data, enabling faster and more efficient decision-making. ...


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Artificial intelligence | February 20th 2023

The Ultimate Guide to DriveThru Camera Placement

An impactful meal-in-a-minute service infers the right analytical equipment and efficient employees. However, the efficiency of employees can get hampered at times, due to incorrect inputs from surveillance devices. But why does it happen?


Video Analytics | February 15th 2023

When it comes to surveillance nothing can be kept on hold in terms of precise monitoring. A smart way to do this is visual intelligence enabled smart vision. AI Video Analytics is certainly providing assistance to organizations in terms of security, efficiency in retails, CV enabled technology, added layer to NVRs and DVRs as well as other areas.


Video Analytics | February 7th 2023

Have you ever wondered what is an outstanding feature of a successful DriveThru when customers want convenience and speed?


Technology | January 31st 2023

Personalization is a key component in a restaurant’s arsenal. It is important to make the customer feel wanted and special. There are various scalable solutions that you can use for that. At Wobot, we have some special use cases for improving customer experience via personalization.


Food Industries | January 24th 2023

Maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness is paramount for a restaurant. It helps in building trust with the customer. Trust is one of the most essential social currencies. If the customers trust your brand, they will become your repeat customers and might also bring in new customers. So, overall, it will have a net positive effect on your business, in fact, in a survey conducted recently, customers said that they are willing to spend 2x on a restaurant that is more hygienic.


Video Analytics | January 6th 2023

Going forward in 2023, the video surveillance industry is transforming in new ways. Artificial intelligence solutions and automation technologies is revolutionizing the way businesses use their security camera systems. Moreover, businesses across all industries are preparing for the uncertainty that lies ahead, taking lessons from the past couple of years to be stronger than before.


Technology | January 6th 2023

Imagine you are in 18th century France and someone has opened a shop to sell a bowl of soup. The idea was considered weird back then, but that is exactly how the business of dine-in restaurants started. A guy named A. Boulanger opened a shop in 1765.


Updates from Wobot | January 2nd 2023

2022 was a thrilling year! We came up with several improvement on our platform along with various milestones we achieved with video intelligence. Let’s dive right into it and see how the year looked at every quarter of the year.


Food Industries | December 8th 2022

What are the parallels between automobiles, planes, computers, restaurants, and Disneyland rides? We want them to move faster, with great speed. In fact, we love speed. Similarly, in the restaurant industry, we want our operations to be faster, cheaper, and more efficient. But “how do we achieve that” is one of the most asked questions I guess. So, let’s learn how to improve the speed of service in your restaurants that make your customers love your service.


Updates from Wobot | November 23rd 2022

Over the last few months, we have been working on making some major changes to help you extract more insights from your data on


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