We are Wobot, the pioneers of process compliance automation using video analytics

For us, it is all about our values, vision, team,
and culture.
Let us walk you through Wobot's journey.

Wobot Team

Our Vision

We see cameras as the third eye for enabling remote monitoring of businesses and processes. Our vision is to build technology which enables complete automation of process compliance monitoring. We aim to become an AI-supervisor tool that not only provides notifications of violations, but also provides a pat on the back when it comes to doing the right thing.

Our Mission

Deliver highly accurate models at economical costs with
an exceptional user experience.

Group 10

Our Promise

Since our inception, we have been empowering companies across industries to transform their SOPs monitoring
and ensuring adherence to regulatory compliances. For us, it’s all about adding new models, expanding to
new industries, and keeping Wobot a simple tool that is effortless to use. We strive to help customers in
reducing their cost of monitoring, risk of non-compliance, improve customer NPS,
and the ease of doing their day-to-day operations.

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Our Journey

Wobot Journey

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