Wobot Internship Batch 2.0

Innovation and ingenuity are part of the collective DNA at Wobot, where we work hard to ensure the products and services we offer our customers are tapped into the latest and most powerful innovations.

While some of that spark comes from our roots as a Computer Vision solutions startup, it’s also part of a pioneering spirit we actively foster through various activities during the year. Arguably, some of the most impactful are our annual Wobot internship program competition, where young developers and engineers show their practical expertise for a set of highly coveted opportunities.

The best thing? The winners would receive a paid, 3 months of full-time internship with a performance-based pre-placement offer at Wobot Intelligence.

Face Mask Detection
“Wearing masks is of immense importance due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, hence, Face Mask Detection was chosen as the theme for the internship,” said Wobot team who organized this event.“We wanted to conduct a meaningful competition, and more importantly, something which would potentially lead to the development of models with practical use.”

Last week, our second batch internship competition kicked off with more than 343 applicants. After the 72-hour build period was up, those applicants submitted their dataset through Kernels and were shortlisted based on the accuracy of a deep learning model and their creative approach for desired results.

The competition consisted of two stages: firstly, to train a deep learning model to detect whether a person was wearing a mask or not, the dataset was prepared in such a manner it consisted of two classes of face images. The committee would re-run applicant’s model over selected Kernels, and the submissions would be swapped with new data test.csv and sample_submission.csv files.

The assessment lasted an entire day, and only after applicants were whittled down to 32 successful submissions who would get live interviews with Wobot. “Shortlisting the candidates was the most challenging one, and choosing among them meant missing out on some potentially good candidates.” Wobot team noted. The internship was provided based on performance in all the qualifying rounds.

The Winners
All the submissions exceeded expectations, but just a couple swept the awards. The Wobot Internship Batch 2.0 winners were: Jainam Shah, SadjyotGangolli, Pranshu Mishra, Rohan Choudhary, and Karan Shetty.

To find out more about what Wobot Internship Batch 2.0 competition looks like, we talked to our five brilliant interns to see what they have been going through. Here is what they had to say:

The Most Challenging Moments
“In any Deep Learning project, the most time consuming and challenging task is to train a model. This was the hardest case for me because I had only 2 days to complete the entire task. This internship is a massive opportunity for me.” Jainam explained. “On the last day (the most crucial day), I ran out of GPU access, which came as a shock. The CPU provided was taking far longer to train than I could afford. The last minute rush to figure out how to transfer the code and dataset to google colab using the Kaggle API was, honestly, unforgettable,” stressed Karan. Both rather stated that the time constraint had challenged them greatly.

Sadjyot also revealed that this competition had fashioned him to think out of the box to solve the problem. “I also was a bit surprised to read the problem statement at first, but quickly realised that this was really something worth trying. The committee was quite efficient and fast in replying to everyone’s queries in a FAQ, which helped us a lot. This was a really good way to test the abilities of inspiring interns.” Rohan said, reflectively.

Expectation at Wobot
“I always wanted to work as a Machine Learning engineer or a Computer Vision engineer and there is nothing better than the fact that I’m getting a chance to start my professional career as a Computer Vision Intern. Wobot gave me all the motivation to be a better engineer.” Sadjyot added.

“This aspires my contribution to the world’s shift toward AI and this internship will help me to learn and break into this domain professionally. It’s a fun experience! I will do my best!” Pranshu said with a burgeoning excitement.

Wobot interns will become essential members of the team for they are expected to actively contribute to their team’s goals and ultimately benefit from the complex, real-world problems we face on a daily basis. “I think moving forward we should conduct more such competitions both internally, and externally for hiring new talents to get the best ideas and the best minds of our generation.”

Come Work with Us
Do you enjoy problem-solving and building technical projects similar to those listed above? Come join us! Check our Careers page and our next internship program for more information.

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