Unveiling the new us!

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Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Team Wobot

Like many companies starting up, we honestly did not put too much emphasis on branding, logo, brand colours, etc. We went with the most pleasing majorly liked design. It worked for us. The Wobot with stand out ‘W’ did its trick.

While the occasional people were calling us ‘obot’ assuming the W was an icon. It got really awkward when our first Press coverage mentioned us as OBOT. Still, we did not think of a rebranding.

But moving ahead three years later, we finally took the call to rebrand. Mainly because we felt a revamp happening internally. Our vision and mission evolved. The team evolved. Our values and ethos got a lot clearer. That warranted a revamp.

Here is the brief –Old logo attributes(that were to be kept)

  • ‘W’ as a pictogram and complement to the logotype.
  • ‘W’ built by triangles or shapes.
  • Similar logotype structure, keeping the word “intelligence” in a second level. Or add .Ai in       the logo.

New logo attributes 
(that were to be added)

  • Modernize the typography.
  • Add personality through fonts and colors.
  • Create a ‘W’ that’s innovative and stands out. That can be used as a symbol for the company.

While on the character W, we found a fascinating work done in 2013 at The ​Whitney Museum of American Art. ​The agency Experimental Jetset in their design guide on the logos mentioned this –

Revisiting a collection of essays by Raymond Williams, we stumbled upon a text from 1973 (‘Base and Superstructure in Marxist Cultural Theory’), in which Williams describes works of art as ‘notations’ rather than as ‘objects’. Connecting this idea (of art-as-notation) to the shape of the zig-zag, the zig-zag suddenly becomes a shorthand symbol for all kinds of instructions: from musical notation to stage directions. (As an example, we were specifically thinking of Trisha Brown’s zig-zag-like choreographic notes).
In other words, the W-shape is both the result of a set of instructions and an instruction in itself. The notation as an object, and the object as a notation.

This gave a very fluid ‘W’ with the flexibility of using it anywhere.

Inspired by the work at Whitney and the beauty of the thought behind the logo, we added these to the brief. 

  • Create a ‘W’ that’s innovative and stands out that can be used as a symbol for the company.
  • Our ‘W’ reflects alignment, process (geometric shapes), and even cameras that enable this.
  • Our ‘W’ is Inspired in the use of white space to make something visible through a pattern.  Geometric bold shapes for creating a strong and confident path. 
  • Colour palette change.
  • Colour should reflect the fact that we can serve multiple checklists and industries.

The agency asked for our values, and together we came up with this:

While drawing up inspirations and paths, they choose two.


Inspired in patterns, sequences, and circuits. Fibonacci sequences make things work perfectly in nature and can do so in the Ai world.


Inspired in the use of white space to make something visible through a pattern. Geometric bold shapes for creating a strong and confident path. Bright blue for security.

We chose to blend the two to come to,

A W constructed by three blocks lined in a pattern, thanks to the white space, we can see the W. Also, an AI integration, Simply adding the ai word with the same font to keep consistency and keep the W a bit larger.

With the colour palette, we had a simple brief, and the agency delivered something that was –

➔  Futuristic

➔  Vibrant and modern

➔  Different use of colors for impact

➔  Warm tone gradients to create an ethereal atmosphere (AI)

After a month-long democratic exercise that lasted slightly longer than the US presidential election, we ended up with this logo.

This is the new identity of Wobot. While the rebrand is just the start, at this time, we can just leave you with a teaser that can also be seen on our new website.

The future of process compliance and remote monitoring is here!

PS – Like most revamps, you will either hate it or love it. If you do love it, give us a shout out. To some who do, we will be sending sweatshirts your way with the new logo.