With the help of a customer engagement checklist, retailers can continually improve how they deliver on consumers’ core wants. It is achieved by targeting customer priorities such as convenience, engagement, good service, and less waiting time.

Managing the wait-time of customers has a direct impact on customer engagement. Knowing the wait time of customers helps a business to deliver exceptional services to the customers. It serves as a great way to earn their loyalty by making them feel valued and appreciated.

An unengaged customer will not only leave your store dissatisfied, but they’ll also discourage others from visiting the store. Staff engagement time detection notifies you if your staff engagement time with the customer is less than the predetermined period.

The presence of every single customer at a retail outlet is an asset for the business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to attend to them. Staff members should try their best to engage a waiting customer in conversation, help them, and not leave them unattended.