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Retail Checklists to ensure a smooth Customer Experience

Seamlessly onboard existing CCTV cameras for live viewing and access our pre-defined checklists

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With the help of a customer engagement checklist, you can continually refine how you deliver on consumers' core wants. It is achieved by targeting customer priorities such as convenience, engagement, good service, and less waiting time.

Billing is the last step of a customers' journey in your store. Therefore, it is of prime importance that you make it smooth and hassle-free. A billing checklist helps you in ensuring that there is no discrepancy in the billing process and your customers get the best possible billing experience.

A security checklist enables you to keep your premise protected from any fraudulent events and mishaps, protecting your business from events that can hamper the safety of your staff, customers, valuables, and stores.

How can we help you?

Wobot.ai integrates your camera feed with our intuitive AI-powered remote monitoring capabilities to provide optimal insights for your retail operations

Redefine Customer Experience

Make data-driven decisions to give your customers the attention they need and deserve so they keep coming back to you. Measure important metrics such as queue-time, wait-time, crowding, and employee engagement provided to your customers.

Consistent Store Supervision

Wobot.ai provides round-the-clock supervision to prevent any unwanted activity by an employee or unauthorized person. In case of any discrepancy, alerts are sent in real-time for immediate response.

Workforce Optimization

With the foot-traffic and wait-time insights provided by our AI platform, you can optimize your workforce availability based on customer density and ensure you have enough staff working at the times when they are needed most.