IRCTC case study

How IRCTC leveraged Wobot's hygiene and safety modules to revamp the sanitization and security in its kitchens.

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Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways. It handles
and manages the catering, tourism, and online ticketing operations of Indian Railways.


To handle the day to day processes of a big organization could prove to be extremely challenging. IRCTC continues to do an excellent job at it while also focusing on enhancing and expanding on its practices. IRCTC wanted a tool that could take away the burden of manual monitoring from its operations and free its resources, while also keeping a check on the hygiene and sanitization level of its kitchens and the quality of service provided to its customers.

Giving insights about the day-to-day operations of its business.

Monitoring its kitchens on a real-time basis.


Wobot helped IRCTC develop ‘AI-Powered Kitchens’ ensuring that full sanitization, hygiene, and safety practices were taking place. Wobot monitored use cases like PPE detection (gloves, headgear, facemasks) and deep cleaning detection (mopping, wiping, equipment cleaning) for IRCTC incorporated the continuous feedback provided by Wobot in its daily operations, due to which it saw some exceptional improvement in its processes. Some of them are:

Positive sentiment on social media regarding its services improved by as much as 50 percent.

Automation of its day to day operations removed manual biases from its processes and IRCTC was able to get a more accurate picture of its operations.

The productivity of its staff increased by around 10%.

The cost of monitoring SOPs and compliances per employee per year also came down drastically.

Monitoring its kitchens on a real-time basis.

What our customers say

What our customers say

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