Food Services Industry

Food delivery services have seen tremendous growth over the last few years. The global pandemic has helped the industry grow like never before. However, the focus is shifted on food safety, hygiene, delivery agent’s hygiene.

This is why food delivery businesses need checklists to ensure that food safety and sanitation have been appropriately maintained until the food reaches customers.

Wobot’s delivery checklist helps ensure that delivery agents are fit to carry food. It also involves hygiene and sanitization practices to protect the customers and the business.

Monitoring delivery agent wait-time is vital to ensure that the wait time of the delivery agent is according to the company’s SOPs. As a result, customers have a minimum wait time duration, and the delivery estimate given to them is accurate.

Delivery agent sanitization is essential as it helps prevent contamination in-between deliveries while also ensuring that no sick workers are involved in handling and delivering the food.

Delivery agent temperature check helps regularly assess the temperature and other symptoms of COVID-19 in the delivery agents. Thus, it helps in maintaining a safe environment while minimizing the spread of the disease.

Most delivery bags are designed to provide ventilation while preserving heat. Even though they allow some ventilation, they are often exposed to extended periods of high heat and humidity. Because of this, mold and mildew can grow on the interior of these bags. Therefore, it is essential to clean these bags regularly.