Ensure Optimal Hygiene and Safety Standards

Wobot.ai helps businesses in Food Services adhere to industry practices for guaranteed hygiene and safety


Food Services Checklists to ensure uncompromised consistency in cleanliness & safety

Use our pre-defined checklists to fit the requirements of your food operations

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The food hygiene checklist comprises a list of compliances that should be followed by organizations dealing with food to keep the operations clean, hygienic, and safety.

Food Preparatory Checklist includes tasks for different food preparation stages such as setup, allocation, processing, preparation, and turnaround time of various activities.

A food safety checklist is required by law in the food services business to make sure that food is stored, segregated, handled, and prepared correctly.

How can we help you?

Wobot.ai ensures secure remote video monitoring technology to maximize food operations efficiency and safety

Maintain Employee Hygiene

In this day and age, employee hygiene is of utmost importance. Adopt Wobot’s intuitive activity detection and image management features to ensure that the workforce adheres to all safety and hygiene standards such as facemask compliance, social distancing, and handwashing, among others.

Customer Insights

Through Wobot’s video analytics and dashboard features, gain access to valuable customer insights and analyze customer behavior to create personalized experiences. We provide you with important metrics such as demographic and emotion count, heatmaps, ordering time, wait-time, and staff-interaction time.

Reduce Risk of Non-Compliance

With Wobot’s compliance monitoring capabilities, we eliminate the human error that can intentionally or subconsciously lead to unhygienic practices or breach of safety protocols. AI-powered checklists not only ensure operational efficiency but also lead to increase in customer trust and satisfaction.