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Video analytics platfrom in COVID-19

Enable a Safe Work Environment with Wobot AI

The COVID-19 driven hygiene guidelines have become the new normal for organizations across the globe and they are going to stay in the long run. Needless to say, manual monitoring of these guidelines beyond a point becomes ineffective, unscalable, and prohibitively expensive. By ensuring 24x7 monitoring and real-time insights on non-compliance, we at Wobot, are helping businesses enable a safe and compliant workplace.

Secure your Workplace with us

Owing to the current pandemic situation, assuring that all safety precautions are exercised by each
employee has become non-negotiable for all organizations. Such in-depth monitoring requires modern
solutions like Wobot to guarantee a safe working environment.

Group 21

Hand Wash Compliance

  • 20 seconds hand wash rule
  • Employee identification
  • Monitoring at timely and
    regular intervals
Group 28

Social Distancing

  • High crowd alert
  • The proper distance between employees
Group 16

Mask Compliance

  • Face mask detection
  • App and email notifications
Group 29

Temperature Scanning

  • Buzzer alert on high
  • Rapid temperature reading
  • Contactless screening
Group 31

Cleanliness Compliance

  • Cleaning, mopping and wiping
  • Disinfection compliance
  • Heat maps for sanitization
Group 32

PPE Compliance

  • Gloves, uniform, and other PPE
  • Detect non-adherence to PPE
  • Get real-time notification in
    case of non-compliance

Why Wobot?

Here’s why Wobot’s Video Analytics is trusted by the most reputed businesses in the industry
and is considered as the most reliable vision-based solution across the globe.

Easy setup on boarding tool

Easy Setup

With our DIY on-boarding tool, effortlessly integrate your existing CCTV setup and automate supervision of your operations with zero to minimal CAPEX

Wobot industry specific checklist

Multiple Checklists

Choose from a variety of checklists ranging from our existing to custom-based builders, as per your exclusive business requirements

live video analysis ai alerts

Real-time Insights & Alerts

Insights specific to different tasks that you can configure yourself during setup. See the insights that mean the most to you

360 Degree video management software

360° incident management

The role of our video analytics solution doesn't just remain confined to detecting anomalies, it also empowers you to manage and correct the same in a timely manner.

Vision-Based Artificial intelligence


Our vision-based AI engine has processed more than 400 billion images so far on distinctive use cases across multiple types of cameras

Real-Time Video Encryption

Secure and Compliant

Be it regulatory or internal guidelines, we have you covered. Discuss this with your Account Manager for more details

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