Wobot for Food & Hospitality

Ensure hygiene, safety, and security of your workplace
and workforce with Wobot's Video Analytics

Video Analytics in food & hospitality

Ensure better safety and hygiene standards with Wobot AI

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Challenges faced by Food and Hospitality sector

The food business is an operationally intensive sector. Taking care of regular day-to-day operations, maintaining
safety and hygiene standards while delivering reliable and high quality food products is easier said then done.
Same holds true for the hospitality sector where guest satisfaction is of utmost importance.

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Following Hygiene Practices

From sanitization practices such as floor mopping to using the right knife & chopping board to wearing hairnets, there are hundreds of rules which need to be followed diligently inside kitchens.

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Ensuring Process Compliance

Any non-adherence to a defined SOP needs to be captured and made trackable. Process compliance can only be ensured if the deviations are identified and corrective steps are taken.

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Inefficiency in Manual Monitoring

Depending on human surveillance through CCTV feeds will always lead to gaps. Adherence to SOPs cannot be monitored efficiently through manual viewing.

How Can We Help?

Retailers today face high pressure related to the safety of their stores, the productivity of their employees, and their customer service. Wobot’s AI-powered Video Analytics can help you go through this process smoothly in the following ways

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Hygiene compliance

  • Detect non-adherence to PPE like hairnet, gloves, aprons, and uniforms
  • Facemask detection
  • Monitor 20 seconds hand wash rule
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Cleanliness Compliance

  • Regular tracking of sanitization activities such as cleaning, mopping, and wiping detection
  • Timely disinfection compliance monitoring
  • Heat maps for sanitization activities
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Safety Compliance

  • Social distancing monitoring between individuals
  • Monitor temperature of employees and customers
  • Staff segregation for veg and non-veg food preparation
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Crowd Analytics

  • Useful insights on customer demographics such as age range and gender.
  • Emotion analysis
  • Measure customers walk-in count
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Workplace SOPs

  • Monitor staff attendance and availability of staff at counters
  • Track opening and closing time of all locations
  • Timely updates on day-to-day operations of a business
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Service Reports

  • Insights on order taking time and queue time
  • Get updates on food preparation time and customer wait time
  • Enhance customer experience

Why Wobot

Here’s why Wobot’s Video Analytics is trusted by the most reputed businesses in the industry
and is considered as the most reliable vision-based solution across the globe.

Easy setup on boarding tool

Easy Setup

With our DIY on-boarding tool, effortlessly integrate your existing CCTV setup and automate supervision of your operations with zero to minimal CAPEX

Wobot industry specific checklist

Multiple Checklists

Choose from a variety of checklists ranging from our existing to custom-based builders, as per your exclusive business requirements

live video analysis ai alerts

Real-time Insights & Alerts

Insights specific to different tasks that you can configure yourself during setup. See the insights that mean the most to you

360 Degree video management software

360° incident management

The role of our video analytics solution doesn't just remain confined to detecting anomalies, it also empowers you to manage and correct the same in a timely manner.

Vision-Based Artificial intelligence


Our vision-based AI engine has processed more than 400 billion images so far on distinctive use cases across multiple types of cameras

Real-Time Video Encryption

Secure and Compliant

Be it regulatory or internal guidelines, we have you covered. Discuss this with your Account Manager for more details

What our customers say

What our customers say

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